B.L. Furniture creates Beauty since 1985.

Born from the merger of two companies active since the 60s, B.L. Mobili is the brand that spreads the elegance and quality of Made in Italy furniture all over the world. Abroad as in Italy, our furniture speaks for us: excellent materials, personalized design and rigorously crafted finishes give life to unique products, because unique is the passion that has accompanied them in every stage of processing.

Functionality is a requirement, style is a value.

If entrusted to expert hands, each project or desire for furnishing contains its own solution. The extreme technical competence of B.L. Furniture, available to individuals as designers and architects, guarantees the best interpretation and practical implementation of any project idea.

Functionality is an obvious requirement for us, not the ultimate goal. Above and beyond it are our aesthetic creativity and the infinite attention to detail to transfigure each product into an example of that inimitable style that made us known all over the world.

Different processes, a single result.

Even before the finished product, the quality of a company is recognized in the care of its customers, in the ability to meet any need in every phase of the service requested. For this B.L. Mobili offers different operations and processes based on the specific needs of each client:

production of custom furniture, designed, built and finished entirely by our team;
processing of already assembled raw furniture, to which we apply any type of finish (polishing, lacquering, upholstery, glazing / mirrors …);
interventions and customizations of all kinds on finished products or already in use (small structural changes, sample colors, lacquering with RAL codes, details in gold and silver leaf, fabric coverings, production of cushions and upholstered accessories …)
Whatever the required intervention, our values ​​remain the same: profound experience, infinite passion, unmistakable style.
Many processes, a unique inimitable result!